Archeology and Art research


The authentication of art and arceological artifacts is a complex and specialized field. Rewards for producing fakes can be extremely high on today’s black market. XRF analysis can be applied to art objects in museums and galleries to confirm the authenticity of an artifact, mural pairings in churches and cathedrals or archeological findings at the excavation site.

INAM XRF analyzers determine their chemical compositions to establish the provenance or the age of objects and reveal clues as to how they were produced.  The INAM XRF analyzer is non-destructive so precious and fragile objects will not be damaged. The INAM XRF analyzer:

·         Validates ancient artifacts

·         Tests antiques

·         Identifies mineralogical composition of ceramic objects, valuable paintings

·         Analyzes the trace element composition of a single source deposit

·         Identifies clay source

·         Analyzes residues inside objects to determine what the object held

·         Identify obsidians

·         Tests pigments and inks