Customs, Security, and Forensic


There are many cases in everyday life when identifying the contents of seemingly harmless objects is essential to our health and safety. Customs and security officials are charged with maintaining public order. Customs inspections by border surveillance, mobile control groups and frontier clearance services are essential to protect people, environment and animals from potentially harmful activities and banned items, such as illegal weapons and drugs.

INAM XRF analyzers allow rapid inspection of a large variety of suspicious items and substances and can be used on site during the inspection of trucks, containers, vessels and people. The INAM XRF analyzer:

·         provides non-intrusive, non-destructive, rapid inspection of large flows of people and goods, meaning schedules are not disrupted

·         detects between harmful and harmless substances

·         identifies materials intended for explosives

·         shows levels of potentially toxic metals typically found in colorants (Cd, Pb, CR), flame retardants (Sb, Br) and stabilizers (Cd, Pb).

·         detects toxic metal content

·         improves precision in customs checks

·         accelerates customs procedures

·         ensures adherence to quality control regulations 

·         Fire and Explosives Forensics