Alloys and Metals


Metal testing using INAM X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers gives foundries, metalcasting facilities and diecasters fast and reliable results with lab-quality accuracy. Whether you are an industrial consumer, a supplier or a distributor, understanding the compositions of your casting materials  is essential. From everyday tasks, such as sorting, to more complex grade separation procedures, INAM XRF analyzers will provide precise information to allow you to keeping the costs of the final product under control. Both INAM Expert 3L and Expert Mobile are suited for most metal alloy testing applications. Configured with a standard package of all elements from magnesium 12Mg to uranium 92U (optional 11Na and 6C for steel and cast iron), the XRF analyzer:

·         Delivers chemical composition of furnace charge

·         Generates alloy chemistry and grade ID

·         Provides quick, on-the-spot analysis of melt charge material

·         Controls melt charge material components before melting

·         Allows for correction by flagging grade, sub-grade and waste

·         Monitors impurities and prevents grade dilution by monitoring different phases

·         Checks probes and composition 

·         Measured inclusions, defects, slags, sands

·         Controls final product and provide grade ID

·         Provides accurate material chemistry in order to identify grades of metals and alloys