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Precious Metals



INAM offers a superior, cost-effective, multipurpose solution for non-destructive analysis of metals, gems, ceramics and other substances and for fake identification




New INAM XRF analyzer is perfectly suited for use in pawn shops, jewelry and antique stores, museums, art restoration and conservation


Functionality of INAM EXPERT Cube is significantly expanded compared to conventional XRF analyzers in terms of measurement capabilities and ease of use



If own a jewelry or pawn shop, you will appreciate the capabilities of the new express analyzer INAM. Any employee can quickly get the exact precious metal content of jewelry, coins and other valuable things.

Employees need to place the object on a measuring table and start the measurement. Simple and user friendly interface instantly displays the exact elemental composition of the object for both the operator and the customer.

One can quickly determine gold content in carats, find plating and toxic contaminants, learn composition of gems, and conduct a comprehensive study of art objects. It certainly will increase the level of customer trust will give an opportunity to save time and money and will help prevent fraud.


Why choose INAM EXPERT Cube?

For precious metals XRF is usually used for confirmation carat and obtaining the alloy composition (if there is a calibration).

Due to the unique INAM approach to instrument design, measurement of spectra and their mathematical processing, INAM analyzers not only successfully cope with these challenges, but also have additional brand new features, expanding the scope of many applications:


1. Universality in measuring alloys

The device can easily measure not only the composition of the alloys of precious metals, but also any other alloy. If you have a set of various metal samples (jewelry, scrap, antiques, imitation, forgery, etc.), you only need to place samples of the metal in any sequence and start measurements. The device will choose the optimal conditions for measurement, identify the type of alloy, and give its exact composition.  INAM analyzer can test gold, silver or any precious metal up to 99.95% purity.


2. Measurement of non-metallic objects

You can obtain the information about composition of gems, ceramics, glasses, pigments and other components of an art object. This information may be necessary for authentication and detection of forgery. For example, identification of substitution of diamond by cubic zirconia or moissanite.




3. Impurities control

You may find undesirable impurities in products, including toxic substances (i.e., cadmium, mercury or lead in jewelry and utensils). Information on the presence of specific impurities is also useful to distinguish natural from artificial gem or authenticate old objects, for example, coins.


4.  Plating detection

The instrument can detect plating (gold, silver, rhodium, etc.) and the way plating was made. In many cases one can determine the thickness of the plating, and estimate the composition of the metal under the plating and the plating itself.

5. Automation of measurement data usage

EXPERT software has a convenient system of automatic online data backup and instant data output to an external printer. The latest software allows data to be seen on and printed from multiple devices, including phones, computers and tablets.

Thus, with the help of INAM EXPERT Cube you get a lot more information about your object compared to a conventional gold analyzer. Systematic gathering of data will allow you to create your own database of objects with which you are working. This will allow you to successfully manage your business from losses due to errors in object authentication, and save money and time spent on professional expertise.



Integrated camera facilities sample positioning and records image for report creation

Scales for accurate sample weighting

Bluetooth printer

2D scanning system for highly accurate mapping of large objects

Ability to change measurement chamber size to accommodate for larger objects








With a volatile gold price and a reactive metals market, it is vital to avoid inaccuracies in the measurement of the precious metals you are buying and selling. Both INAM Expert 3L and ExpertMobile allow you, in seconds, to obtain the precious metal content of jewelry, coins, medical equipment, technology products and other valuable items.

With a light-weight and easy to use design, our machines provide non-destructive analysis of your items and they are easy to use. An optional integrated camera allows the user to focus on specific spots for analysis and image archiving can be utilized for future reference. With additional software, the user can create results certificates. With the gold-plating detection technology, the operator does not need to determine a type of sample before starting the measurement. The XRF analyzers:

·         provides on-the-spot gold carat classification, up to 24kt

·         provides compositional analysis of platinum, palladium, silver, and other precious alloys

·         identifies gold-plating

·         detects impurities

·         prevents under karat jewelry fraud

·         measures precious metal content in medical equipment and dental amalgams

·         verifies gold content in technological equipment, including electronic circuits

·         determines gold and other precious metal content in scrap metal

·         analyses gold and silver content in coins

·         identifies and analyzes unknown metals

·         quantifies undesirable elements, such as lead, which may be dangerous or impact value or future refining needs

·         detects thickness of coating regardless of gold concentration in the plated surface layer


INAN XRF analyzers are by a number of industries to examine precious metal content, including:



Pawn brokers

Coin collectors

Antique collectors


Cash-for-gold operators


Medical researchers

Technology researchers


Research institutions

Mining companies

Melting Shops