Alloys and Metals
Scrap Sorting and Recycling


In the Scrap Sorting and Recycling industries, INAM XRF analyzers provide a quick return on investment by providing real-time and accurate elemental material composition data.


INAM Expert 3L and Expert Mobile analyzers:

·         provide accurate compositional analysis of every metal component, including base and precious alloys

·         determine precious metal content in electronic and chemical equipment

·         measure the  metal content of catalytic convertors

·         allow the user to effectively sort scrap to ensure more effective metals group and guarantee maximum price for the scrap

·         measures the completeness of process piping, valves, and reaction vessels

·         determine tramp elements

·         provide accurate and precise analysis of special alloys including titanium and magnesium

·         recover lost material traceability


Type of material to be Recycled


Aluminum/Light Alloy

Mg-sensitive technology to sort aluminum alloys

Non-Ferrous Alloys

Quick ID of Ni super alloys and heavy alloys based on low levels of Si and Al content

Low Alloy Steels

ID residual content in steels. Confirm Si, S and P content, along with Mn and alloying element levels


Classify recyclable glass


Organize electrical components with precious metal content. Separate dangerous lead-containing solders


Sort brasses, bronze and leaded alloys