Alloys and Metals
Special Alloys


The tables below illustrate the metrological features of express-analyzers EXPERT in most commonly used types of special alloys.


Aluminum alloys: Precisely measures Mg content and separates Mg-containing alloys

Titanium alloys: Accurately determines the Al content in Ti alloys

Precious metals: Precisely measure gold, silver and other precious metal contents of alloys                                                                                       

Stainless steels: Quick measurement of steel-content in stainless and low alloy steels.  Reliable identification of all grades. Evaluation of carbon content in steel and cast iron

Copper alloys

Magnesium alloys

Nickel/Cobalt alloys

Wrought aluminum alloys

Nickel alloys alloys

Cobalt alloys

Zinc alloys

Exotic alloys


Special Features:

Grade Match Memory: With this feature, the user can add qualitative information to the grade ID library, allowing for refinery-specific coding messages. 

Intelligent Sorting: This mode allows specific grades to be established to automatically extend testing time in order to prevent mix-ups. The Intelligent Sorting feature improves the speed, efficiency and accuracy of the INAM XRF Analyzers highly efficient