EXPERT Mobile portable analyzer is designed for use in outdoor conditions and in mobile and stationary laboratories. Analyzer housing is completely dustproof and waterproof, buttons and connections are hermetically protected. Built-in noise-free radio channel provides reliable communication with the control Tablet PC at distances up to 50 meters in a straight line. When transporting the analyzer with all accessories is placed in a special case. Helium purge can be implemented as an option.

Main features:

-  direct measurement of the mass fraction of chemical elements in any metallic samples (steel, bronze, precious metals, alloys etc.)

-  evaluation of component content in slag, ores, construction materials, industrial waste and other inorganic objects

INAM XRF analyzers:

-  provide accurate compositional analysis of every metal component, including base and precious metals without any restrictions on the number of elements measured and reported

-  provide fast and reliable identification of all alloys grades. Evaluation of carbon content in steel and cast iron

- provide accurate and precise analysis of special alloys including Ti, Mg, Ni/Co, etc.

- detect coating or plating and measure coating and underlayer elemental composition

- measure precious gold, silver and other precious metal contents of alloys


-  enhanced design of analyzer housing completely protects personnel from X-rays

Metrological characteristics

-   determination of elements from magnesium 12Mg to uranium 92U (optional 11Na) simultaneously in a single measurement

-  the range of the measured element contents - 0.005-100%

-  detection limits of elements - 1 ppm

-  measurement time - less 1 min. (typically 10 - 30 s.)

Additional and optional features:

-   capability to make analysis by direct comparison of the spectra of different samples

-  specialized custom measurement modes

-   automatic archiving of experimental spectra with data protection from falsification

-   analysis of inorganic non-metallic samples by components represented chemical formulas

-  automatic identification of alloy grades (base 4000 alloys with the possibility of extension based customer need)

-  real-time and accurate positive material identification (PMI)

-  evaluation of carbon content in steel and cast iron


Technical characteristics

Analyzer warm-up time                                                                             <5 minutes

Operating temperature range                                                                   -10C to +45C

Relative humidity within operating temperature range                              <90%

Operational time on internal Li-ion battery                                                 at least 6 hours

Battery recharging time                                                                               <3 hours

AC adapter                                                                                                15V, 40W

Dimensions of the measurement unit, mm                                           300x82x195

Weight of measuring unit                                                                           <2.4 kg

Weight of analyzer set with case                                                                <8 kg

Warranty                                                                                                    2 years