Construction Materials Testers
Strength Meter NOVOTEST IPSM-U+T
Device measures strength and uniformity of concrete, brick and other materials by ultrasonic method. Meter is designed to be used at construction sites, inspection of buildings and structures. Meter determinies crack depth by the ultrasonic pulse velocity test method (similar to INAM flaw detectors).
INAM NOVOTEST IPSM-U+T is designed to:
detect of voids, cracks and defects encountered in the production and operation of structures (for process control and inspection of facilities);
measure uniformity of concrete strength (Guidelines MDS 62-2.01), construction and composite materials, structures, bridges and waterworks;
measure the depth of cracks in the tested materials;
determine the density and elastic modulus fiberglass and so on;
determine the sound reductions index of construction ceramics and abrasives;
estimate the porosity, fracturing and anisotropy of the material;
assess the age of the concrete.
Brochure of Strength Meter NOVOTEST IPSM-U+T+D.pdf
Determination of the strength, density and elastic modulus using pre-installed calibration
Improved results post processing using a specialized computer program
Ability to operate on large databases of transducers
Improved signal-to-noise ratio
Universal converters for emission and reception 
The increased excitation voltage for probe pulses
The increased power of the excitation probe pulses, high-quality amplification path can significantly increase the base and operation on materials with high damping.
The probe has a base of 120 mm, whith is suitable to measure concrete cubes samples.