EXPERT 4L is designed for use in stationary  laboratories. To increase the sensitivity for light elements (Na, Mg, Al, Si) analyzer is equipped with a helium purge channel system (flow rate of 30-45 ml/min at a pressure of 0.5-1 atm). The analyzer has spacious measurement chamber with an interior lighting for the analysis of large size samples. Built-in thermal printer provides immediate printout of the measurement data. Enhanced dust protection is enabled through built-in ventilation system with filter elements. EXPERT 4L features a larger chamber with actuator operated cover and has options of a turret stage, an auto sampler, 2D scanning, and a camera for accurate sample positioning and mapping.

Main features:

-  direct measurement of the mass fraction of chemical elements in any metallic samples (steel, bronze, precious metals, alloys etc.)

-  evaluation of component content in slag, ores, construction materials, industrial waste and other inorganic objects

INAM XRF analyzers:

-  provide accurate compositional analysis of every metal component, including base and precious metals without any restrictions on the number of elements measured and reported

-  provide fast and reliable identification of all alloys grades. Evaluation of carbon content in steel and cast iron

- provide accurate and precise analysis of special alloys including Ti, Mg, Ni/Co, etc.

- detect coating or plating and measure coating and underlayer elemental composition

- measure precious gold, silver and other precious metal contents of alloys


-  enhanced design of analyzer housing completely protects personnel from X-rays

Metrological characteristics

-   determination of elements from magnesium 12Mg to uranium 92U (optional 11Na) simultaneously in a single measurement

-  the range of the measured element contents - 0.005-100%

-  detection limits of elements - 1 ppm

-  measurement time - less 1 min. (typically 10 - 30 s.)

Additional and optional features:

-   capability to make analysis by direct comparison of the spectra of different samples

-  specialized custom measurement modes

-   automatic archiving of experimental spectra with data protection from falsification

-   analysis of inorganic non-metallic samples by components represented chemical formulas

-  automatic identification of alloy grades (base 4000 alloys with the possibility of extension based customer need)

-  real-time and accurate positive material identification (PMI)

-  evaluation of carbon content in steel and cast iron

Technical characteristics

Continuous operating time                                                                         unlimited

Battery operating time                                                               at least 6 hours

Power supply - AC, 50/60 Hz                                                                100-240 V

Power consumption                                                                                    <50 W

Operating temperature range                                                                  +10C to +45C

Relative humidity within operating temperature range                              <90%

Dimensions of measurement chamber                                                      420x136x240 mm

Maximum weight of the measured sample                                                 30 kg

Dimensions of measurement unit                                                            455x300x300 mm

Weight of measurement unit                                                                     <24 kg

Warranty                                                                                                    2 years