Mining and Exploration



The broad range of applications INAM XRF analyzers have to the mining industry means that our flexible, versatile and accurate machines will be with you every step of the way.  The analyzers are applicable to nearly every geological situation. The INAM XRF analyzers are used by geologists, metallurgists and other key personnel at every stage of the operation from exploration to mining, metallurgy and operations.

On-site analysis, real time mapping of metals provides cost savings and enables a quicker decision making process. INAM XRF analyzers are portable, robust, adaptable and most importantly, accurate.

Materials that can  be analyzed include:

·         Precious metals ores such as silver, gold platinum, palladium etc

·         Base metals ores, including Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag, Mo

·         Uranium and rare earths ores

·         Phosphates and Potash

·         Limestone and cement-associated minerals, such as alpha-quartz, asbestos minerals, calcite, dolomite and more

·         Mineral Sands

·         Coal, oil and gas

·         Nickel Sulfides and Laterite deposits

·         Iron Ore and Bauxites


When working in remote areas the biggest challenge for the exploration manager is often their ability to quickly obtain accurate data to guide mining operations. With a high sample throughput, the INAM XRF analyzers allows for greater sample density than a traditional lab method.  INAM XRF analyzers improve productivity of overall operations.

INAM XRF analyzers: 

·         measure elemental concentration in ores, soils, core samples, cuttings, tailings, concentrates

·         flag grade, sub-grade and cut-offs to prevent grade dilution and to avoid classifying valuable ore as waste

·         delineate geochemical anomalies

·         analyze of drill core and cuttings to advance exploration programs

·         analyze of light elements (Al, Si, S, P, Mg) which can be used for hydrothermal alteration mapping

INAM X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers can be used across a huge variety of tasks in exploration, and will have a positive impact on the following activities:


Initial orientation survey

Mineral exploration

Site or sample specific calibrations

Analyze core during exploration drilling

Geochemical mapping

Geochemical analysis            

Due diligence



Metallurgy and Operations

While the benefits of XRF analysis is well known at the exploration stage, it can also have a profound impact on operational mines, increasing productivity, planning, efficiency and cutting costs. The INAM XRF analyzer can:

·         analyze feedstocks (heads), concentrates, and tailings to quickly and easily gauge the efficiency of extraction and enrichment processes

·         monitor elemental contaminants at mine sites and in waste streams

INAM X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers can be used across a huge variety of tasks in operations, and will have a positive impact on the following activities:


Development and Operation

Grade control

Plant operations

Waste processing

Metal recovery

Near Mine exploration

Data management

Due diligence for ramp-up


Analysis of stock piles and blast hole samples

Tailings analysis